III Percent Patriots: Tea Party & traditional Founding Principles
with the grit of Captain John Parker and the Minutemen who met
the British upon the greens of Lexington and Concord.

Continental Congress III

III Percent

III Percent Patriots

Protecting our Founding Principles of Liberty
We the People

III Percent Patriots
Restore the Constitution
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III to Liberty: The Fight to Restore the Constitution   III to Liberty
The Fight to Restore the Constitution

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Order your copy of III to Liberty: The Fight to Restore the Constitution and help promote Constitutional values during the 2012 election cycle.

The book features:
 ~ Alvie D. Zane
 ~ Arctic Patriot
 ~ Concerned American
 ~ TL Davis
 ~ M. Brahier & more!

Our next election may be the most important ever for the republic.

America simply can not survive the Status Quo.

Buy your copy of III to Liberty and help III Percent Patriots tour the republic this cycle, building bridges between Patriots to help move the country back toward our Founding Principles.

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